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There is no box.

Inside. Outside. Anyside. Stand out from the crowd with your own eye-catching and aerodynamic accessories. It’s your Ibiza, so why not prove it?

Styling Kit

Want to break the mould?

Classic racer looks, in a colour of your choice. This is living in style. Front to back.


Unstoppable feels good.

What do you want to take with you? Bikes, luggage, adventure? You've got space for it all.


Let's roll

Choose the size. Choose the design. Choose the finish. It’s about you. From the ground up.

Diamond Cut 18" in Piano Black, insert in Black

Diamond Cut 18" in Piano Black, insert in Black

Decorative interior

Change is beautiful.

Sport, Trend or Urban Tech? Personalise each interior detail in a bold design of your choice.


It’s better together.

The rear seat tablet plays music and films, and even follows your route. More fun for everyone.

High wall boot tray

Adventure, rebooted.

Fitting snugly, this high wall tray protects your boot and whatever's in it. Off you go.

Mediterranean Line

Apparel and accessories for those who dare to be different. Pure style. Pure Barcelona.

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