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Make Mii yours.

You're one in a million. So is your Mii when you add accessories that make it all yours.

Decorative exterior

Time to shine.

Ready to turn heads? Chrome details on your Mii's doors and rear take your style to the max.

Stylish protection

You’ve got an eye for detail.

Stainless steel sill guards add style and substance to your Mii's frames. For a cool and clean look.

Boot protection

Ready to clean up the clutter?

With versatile boot trays and separators, you can always make the most of your SEAT Mii's space.

Roof bars and transport solutions

Space is freedom.

Roof bars prepare your small city car for big adventures. Extra space for extra fun.

Change colour

Personalised gear knobs

It’s all about the final touches.

You already know that your Mii looks great. A personalised gear knob is just the icing on the cake.

Change colour

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