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Special Packs

No worries. Just freedom.

What does it mean to be free? Whether you’re planning a weekend away or just a quick trip, freedom is having everything you need to enjoy life, worry-free.

City break pack from XX €

Adventures are risky. Routine is lethal.

No more daily grind. Inspection & maintenance, wiper blade replacement and brake service ensure you’re always free to break free.

Sun Chaser Pack From XX €

What’s beyond the horizon?

The Sun Chaser Pack includes a Maintenance Programme, dust & pollen filter change and bike rack. So you can go all the way and more.

Adrenaline pack for XX €

The best trips keep going.

Love to ride? The Adrenaline Pack with inspection service, sport pedals and tow hook lets you enjoy the road without worry.

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Ski Lover's pack for XX €

Snow is just a state of water.

Snow doesn't mean staying inside. With the Maintenance Programme, ski rack, tyre change and wheel alignment, you can always get out and go.

Refrigerant Gas

(n.) A fresh summer night breeze.

Like to keep it cool? Replace your refrigerant gas for only €XX and stay fresh no matter how hot it gets.

Offers for older cars

Loyalty pays off.

Has your SEAT been by your side for 5+ years? Check out our Lucky Offer deals on parts, accessories, service and maintenance.

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Moving forward.

Questions or concerns?

Questions or concerns?

Looking for a SEAT expert?

Looking for a SEAT expert?

Ready to take the next step?

Ready to take the next step?